Our Marine Phytoplankton products come in both powder and capsules. Phyto4Life Powder and Capsules contain the single strain algae Nannochloropsis. Nannochloropsis is a small single cell green marine micro algae species that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (i.e. EPA), antioxidants, pigments, minerals and vitamins. This algae is cultivated and processed so it is made perfectly suitable for human consumption.

Marine Phytoplankton Capsules

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA) antioxidants, pigments, minerals and vitamins. Easy to use and sufficient for up to 2 months of daily use.

Marine Phytoplankton CapsulesProduct Features:

  • 60 Capsules (500 mg)
  • lasts 2 months if used daily
  • Price: $39.95

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Marine Phytoplankton Powder - NEW

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA) antioxidants, pigments, minerals and vitamins. Ideal for people who want to mix all the good stuff of Phyto4Life with their favorite fruit juice!

Marine Phytoplankton PowderProduct Features:

  • One Sachet (3.35oz / 100gr)
  • lasts 4 months if used daily
  • Price: $129.95

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Marine Phytoplankton can be used as a dietary supplement. It is not a medicine designed to treat specific illnesses. However, research has shown that the beneficial ingredients in Phyto4Life contribute to an improved overall health. Here are some specific benefits:


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How often can I take Phyto4Life?

Both the capsules and powder can be taken on a daily basis. Our guidelines are: twice a day 1 or 2 capsules or 0.5 – 2 gram powder. Most people prefer to take Phyto4Life in the morning at breakfast and in the late afternoon.

How is Phyto4Life produced?

Unlike most Marine Plankton products available on the market, Phyto4Life is produced in advanced Bio Reactors. Because consistency of very high levels of quality is of critical importance to us, we have decided to only use this laboratory controlled production process.
The marine phytoplankton in both our capsules and powder is produced with the so-called “factory controlled” method. Although this production process is more expensive and more exclusive than other methods, its benefits are that the quality of our product is consistently higher than that of the majority of marine algae products out there. Due to the high sales volumes that we have, we are still able to be very price competitive.

For you this means added value: we deliver a higher quality product at a lower price!



Great way to boost your energy!
I have been using Phyto4Life now for more than 4 years. Together with a healthy diet and exercise it has contributed immensely to my health! I feel in top shape and bursting with energy!
- Harold H.

Value for money
I have tried several Algea / Marine Phytoplankton products over the last couple of years. For a while now, I have known about the great benefits that such dietary supplements can bring. I have tried several of the products out there, including some of these so-called “open-pond” produced products. The open pond products are in my opinion far inferior in quality to the bio reactor produced products, like Phyto4Life. In addition Phyto4Life seems to be a good value for money, especially the powder.
- Phillip Redding

Noticeable Difference
Great addition to daily vitamins and minerals! Not cheap but absolutely worth it! Highly recommend it.
- Francis

In August 2008, I was diagnosed with cancer. After a long and painful period of treatment, I managed to beat the cancer, but it took its toll on my physical and mental wellbeing. After the treatment, I frequently felt fatigued and also suffered from depression. It was only after a personal consult with my dietician I found out about the dietary benefits that Marine Phytoplankton can bring. I started taking capsules on a daily basis and began noticing a gradual improvement: Now I feel more energised, less fatigued and in general, I have a lot more positive outlook on life than I used to. I am no doctor and I cannot sat that Marine Phyto4Life is an overall cure, but I am sure it helped me in many ways. I recommend Phyto4Life to anyone who is looking for a healthy, natural way to help themselves get back on track and stay there! Thanks
- S. Podolski

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